Project Description
Bing for BlackBerry is a SDK that allows intergration and searching Bing in there applications.

This started as a port of ibing for BlackBerry, when it was discovered that ibing is only a partial implementation of the Bing SDK it was expanded to include the full Bing SDK.

Later a major update moved the whole API to Azure, as the old Bing API was being dicontinued.

This project is a full implementation of the Bing SDK, in includes the following:
  • Synchronous or Asynchronous querying
  • Access to the following SourceTypes:
    • Image
    • News
    • RelatedSearch
    • SpellingSuggestion
    • Video
    • Web

Bi(n)g News [July 30, 2012]

With two days left before the cutover, I finished the new API for Bing searches with Azure. You will need a Azure Account Key which you can get here by making a login. The API is still a little rough, but it is purely to get this API out before the August 1 cutoff. This will be changed over time.


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